Instructor: Mr. Matthew Tornetta

    Central Montco Technical High School requires that all first level 10th and 11th grade students take a math proficiency test to measure both basic and technical math skills.  Students who do not achieve a score of 70% or better are then placed in a one-year math class.  This class is held one day per week for 45 minutes and is scheduled by program.

    All first level students’ progress is tracked throughout the year and they are given grade updates in the form of report card comments to communicate their progress.  Students receive these comments for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th marking periods.

    The purpose of the class is to enhance student’s skills within their program and also to help with standardized testing such as NOCTI and Keystone Exams.  Through current program content, students are learning and reviewing many of the Pennsylvania state math standards which are emphasized on these standardized tests.  We cover a wide range of topics which include (but are not limited to) basic number theory, number forms, percentage calculations, fractions, ratios, proportions, standard and metric measurements, basic statistics, data analysis, graphs, basic geometry, conversions, and number systems.  Each of the named topics are made relevant to each program offered at CMTHS.  Students also have the opportunity to work on projects which allow them to study the business aspects of their programs.