• Student Services

    If a student has a concern of any kind or needs advice on any matter, they will have no difficulty finding an experienced and caring staff at the Center willing to help them. Here are some of the major student services that the Central Montco Technical High School has to offer:

    Career Advising and Student Advising:
    Choosing a program or a career in high school is to say at the least, difficult. The Central Montco Technical High School guidance counselors work closely with home school counselors, students, parents, teachers and post-secondary schools in assisting students in selecting programs best suited to their interest, abilities and future employment. Should a student's interest change after enrolling, it is possible for the student to change majors. This decision is jointly made by the student, teacher, counselors and parents.

    Click the link to access information on the SOAR (Students Occupationally and Academically Ready) articulation program:

    Pennsylvania SOAR Program

    Counseling Center:
    The Central Montco Technical High School offers personal counseling throughout a students' three years at CMTHS. At time social, family, and peer pressures become overwhelming during the high school years. Our counselors work with students to help them deal with their concerns enabling them to remain focused on their education and career goals.

    Support Services:
    CMTHS provides supplementary assistance to our students who are enrolled in an approved technical program. Career evaluation, instruction counseling and placement are provided. These evaluation services are designed to provide the student with the necessary information to make a more informed career choice. An assessment counselor is also present to interpret the career interest and aptitude information about the student, and help them maximize the education value of their chosen career or technical program. Supplemental math and reading instructions are also provided through Perkins funding. The instructional staff includes a certified math instructor and reading specialist.

    Health Services:
    A full time registered nurse is available for students and staff to assist with emergencies, first aide treatment, health problems, safety, environment control and counseling. The nurse works closely with the home school nurses to provide continuity of health teaching and care for CMTHS students.