• Articulation
    Students who attend the Central Montco Technical High School have the opportunity to get a head start on a technical career. The head start occurs through a process known as articulation via a program referred to as Tech Prep.

    What is Tech Prep?
    It is a career preparation through articulation and advanced placement. The Tech Prep program is designed to prepare students to enter specific programs of study. The College Prep Programs of study focus on academic and technical preparation with a course of study that combines two or four years of secondary education with two or more years of post-secondary education.
    Through Articulation, post secondary institution grant recognition for the achievement of college-level learning acquired through course work at CMTHS.

    Are you a Tech Prep Student?
    You are a Tech Prep student if you have taken a rigorous academic course of study, established a career objective and plan on continuing your education after high school. If you're unsure that you are a Tech Prep student, ask you guidance counselor. Be sure to ask about Tech Prep programs and college articulation agreements, which may gain you college credit while in high school.

    What are the Advantages of Advanced Placement?
    Articulation agreements recognize the students' mastery of college level learning during their secondary technical program of study. Through documentation or examination, students may obtain college credits. By obtaining credits, students will avoid duplicating course work and are eligible to select courses in advanced skilled areas. By taking advanced skills courses, students enhance their opportunities for high tech career employment.

    Why Do Students Need to Take More Rigorous Academic Courses?
    Student planning on entering a post secondary program can save time and money by successfully completing more rigorous academic courses. Most importantly, the requirement for 85 percent of all jobs in the United States economy requires individuals who can perform at the highest level possible. Employers are seeking workers who are proficient at reading, writing, arithmetic, listen, speaking, problem solving and decision making.