Central Montco Technical High School

For the Arts, Sciences and Technology


R. Walter Slauch, Administrative Director - wslauch@cmths.org
Angela Kern, Assistant Director - akern@cmths.org
Charles Braun, Supervisor of Business Operations - cbraun@cmths.org 
Harry Perry, Facility Manager - hperry@cmths.org
David James, Coordinator of Technical Services - djames@cmths.org

Human Services: 

Nicola Schultz, Cosmetology Instructor - nschultz@cmths.org

Alissa Messina, Cosmetology Instructor - amessina@cmths.org

Mary Boccella, Cosmetology Salon Supervisor - mboccella@cmths.org

Troy Madden, Baking/Pastry Arts Instructor - tmadden@cmths.org

John Everett, Culinary Arts Instructor - jeverett@cmths.org

Melanie Wheeler, Culinary Instructor - mwheeler@cmths.org

Andi Picard, Culinary Arts Instructional Assistant - apicard@cmths.org

Connie Price, Allied Health Instructor - cprice@cmths.org

Kathleen Glacken, Health Occupations Instructor - kglacken@cmths.org

Jacqueline Gilkey, Health Occupations Instructional Assistant- jgilkey@cmths.org

Charles Burckhardt, Public Safety Instructor - cburckhardt@ctsmc.org

Kelly Cross, Early Childhood Education Instructor - kcross@cmths.org

Ingrid Baney, Early Childhood Education Instructional Assistant - ibaney@cmths.org
Larry Byron, Networking Technology Instructor - lbyron@cmths.org
Josh Taylor, Networking Technology Instructional Assistant - jtaylor@cmths.org
Steven Bross, Commercial Art Instructor - sbross@cmths.org
Fred McCarthy, Digital Media Instructor - fmccarthy@cmths.org
Robert Porter, Automotive Technology Instructor - rporter@cmths.org
Fred Kirby, Automotive Technology Instructor - fkirby@cmths.org
Mark Stout, Automotive Technology Instructional Assistant - mstout@cmths.org
Guy Battinieri, Collision Repair Technology Instructor- gbattinieri@cmths.org
John Naroznowski, Construction Technology Instructor - jnaroznowski@cmths.org 
John Curran, Construction Technology Instructor -jcurran@cmths.org
Melissa Trocheck, Landscape Design & Construction Instructormtrocheck@cmths.org
Kathy Slattery, Reading Specialist - kslattery@cmths.org
Matt Tornetta, Math Instructor - mtornetta@cmths.org
Student Services:
Amy DeLellis, Special Education Liaison/Coordinator of Work-Based Studies - adelellis@cmths.org
Sharia Jackson, Guidance/Student Services Secretary - sjackson@cmths.org
Jennifer Trachtenberg, Guidance Counselor - jtrachtenberg@cmths.org
Patti Williams, Special Education Coordinator - pwilliams@cmths.org
Dana Johnson, Dean of Students- djohnson@cmths.org
Support Staff:
Marilyn Monastero, Assistant to Administrative Director - mmonastero@cmths.org
Andrea Wilson, Assistant to Assistant Director - awilson@cmths.org
Mary Russo, Bookkeeper - mrusso@cmths.org
Janet Hodge, Purchasing Coordinator - jhodge@cmths.org
Michael Bivins, Building Security - mbivins@cmths.org
Tracey Tupper, School Nurse - ttupper@cmths.org
Annamaria Geary, Attendance/Receptionist - ageary@cmths.org
Randy Winberg, Maintenance Mechanic- rwinberg@cmths.org