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Construction Technology

Course Description
The Construction Technology Program is an excellent option for students interested in a career related to residential and commercial construction. This program includes studies in Carpentry, Masonry, Electricity, Plumbing and Building Maintenance.

Course Content

The first level is considered a foundation year. Students are taught hand and power tool safety as well as electrical safety, scaffold and ladder safety, and fall protection. Residential wiring topics include various switching and receptacle installation, and National Electrical Code requirements are covered. Carpentry topics utilize technical drawings to produce student made projects. Plumbing topics include PVC, copper and the installation and repair of various plumbing fixtures. Masonry topics in the first year include building block walls, corners, and foundations.

The second level is a continuation of the first level. Students are taught blueprint reading and drawing and use those skills to draw a structure that they then build. This project includes installing sheetrock, taping and finishing, and painting, as well as wiring and installing copper water lines. Students learn to install 100 amp residential service, proper grounding techniques, and power panel circuit breaker installation.

The third level is project based. Students work either in pairs or on their own. Using blueprints, students layout and build a foundation. A powder room or bathroom is framed. Electrical, tub, toilet, sink, sheetrock, windows, roofing, siding, painting, tile and a water heater are installed. Third level students use the skills obtained in the first and second levels to complete an entire structure. They are called upon as role models and often help other students in the shop; they learn to be leaders.

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