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Course Description
The Public Safety Program is designed to prepare students to enter careers related to Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Sciences, and Industrial Safety.  The program is based at Central Montco Technical High School with many of the learning experiences performed at off-campus locations such as the Montgomery County Fire Academy, local police departments and local businesses.  Students are able to obtain state and national certifications such as First Aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Hazardous Materials and Fire Fighting.  Mastering of the competencies will be accomplished in supervised simulated situations.

Course Content
Topics of study include emergency response, safety, criminal justice, criminal investigation, defensive tactics, drug laws, arson investigation, security systems, patrol/traffic/guard duties, essentials of fire fighting, employability skills, computer skills, community relations, emergency communications, hazardous materials awareness, leadership training, rescue techniques, accident investigation, fire science, ethics, equipment maintenance, physical and mental fitness, evidence collection, photography.
Internships provide first-hand experiences in an occupation selected by the student while under the direct supervision of a mentor.

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Related Occupations
Criminal Justice
Municipal or State Police Officer
Security Officer
Corrections Officer
Waterways Patrol Officer
Game Protector
Safety Supervisor
Code Enforcement Officer
Safety Inspector
Industrial Hygienist
Environmental Protection Officer
Emergency Medical Technician
Emergency Management Worker
Fire Control Technician
Fire Fighter
Victim Assistance Counselor
Military Police