Central Montco Technical High School

For the Arts, Sciences and Technology

First Name Last Name E-mail Postition Extension
David Ayres dayres@cmths.org Construction Instructor 361
Guy Battinieri gbattinieri@cmths.org Collision Repair Instructor 350
Michael Bivins mbivins@cmths.org Building Security 325
Mary Boccella mboccella@cmths.org Salon Manager/Cosmetology Instructional Assistant 202
Charles Braun cbraun@cmths.org Supervisor of Bussiness Operation 238
Steven Bross sbross@cmths.org Visual Communications Instructor 253
Charles Burckhardt cburckhardt@cmths.org Public Safety Instructor 329
Lawrence Byron lbyron@cmths.org Networking Technology Instructor 321
Kelly Cross kcross@cmths.org Early Childhood Education Instructor 344
Amy Delellis adelellis@cmths.org Special Education/Cooperative Education 239
John Everett jeverett@cmths.org Culinary Arts Instructor 336
Annamaria Geary ageary@cmths.org Receptionist/Attendance Secretary 0
Jacqueline Gilkey jgilkey@cmths.org Healthcare Sciences Instructional Assistant 340
Kathleen Glacken kglacken@cmths.org Healthcare Sciences Instructor 390
Janet Hodge jhodge@cmths.org Purchasing Coordinator 201
David James djames@cmths.org Coordinator Of Technical Services 322
Dana Johnson djohnson@cmths.org Dean of Students 248
Fred Kirby fkirby@cmths.org Auto Technology Instructor 359
Troy Madden tmadden@cmths.org Culinary Arts Instructor 328
Fredrick Mccarthy fmccarthy@cmths.org Visual Communications Instructor 346
Marilyn Monastero mmonastero@cmths.org Administrative Assistant to Director 231
John Naroznowski jnaroznowski@cmths.org Construction Instructor 334
Harry Perry hperry@cmths.org Facility Manager 268
Andreana Picard apicard@cmths.org Culinary Arts Instructional Assistant 382
Robert Porter rporter@cmths.org Auto Technology Instructor 358
Constance Price cprice@cmths.org Allied Health Instructor (610) 278-2061
Mary Russo mrusso@cmths.org Bookkeeper 255
Nicola Schultz nschultz@cmths.org Cosmetology Instructor 331
Kathryn Slattery kslattery@cmths.org Reading Instructor 345
R Walter Slauch wslauch@cmths.org Administrative Director 230
Mark Stout mstout@cmths.org Auto Technology Instructional Assistant 360
Josh Taylor jtaylor@cmths.org Networking Technology Instructional Assistant 324
Matthew Tornetta mtornetta@cmths.org Math Instructor 349
Jennifer Trachtenberg jtrachtenberg@cmths.org Guidance Councelor 242
Melissa Trocheck mtrocheck@cmths.org Landscape Design and Construction Instructor 335
Tracey Tupper ttupper@cmths.org Nurse 367
Melanie Wheeler mwheeler@cmths.org Culinary Arts Instructional Assistant 367
Patti Williams pwilliams@cmths.org Special Education Coordinator 205
Andrea Wilson awilson@cmths.org Guidance/Child Accounting Secretary 236
Randy Winberg rwinberg@cmths.org Maintenance 269