First Name Last Name E-mail Postition Extension
David Ayres Construction Instructor 361
Ingrid Baney Early Childhood Instructional Assistant 343
Guy Battinieri Collision Repair Instructor 350
Michael Bivins Building Security 325
Mary Boccella Salon Manager/Cosmetology Instructional Assistant 202
Marcus Branch Visual Communications Instuctional Assistant 346
Charles Braun Bussiness Manager 238
Steven Bross Visual Communications Instructor 253
Susan Brown Coordinator of Technical Services 239
Lawrence Byron Networking Technology Instructor 321
Kelly Cross Early Childhood Education Instructor 344
Amy Delellis Special Education/Cooperative Education 239
Erika Di lenno Cosmetology Instructor 331
John Everett Culinary Arts Instructor 336
Annamaria Geary Receptionist/Attendance Secretary 0
Jacqueline Gilkey Healthcare Sciences Instructional Assistant 340
Kathleen Glacken Healthcare Sciences Instructor 390
Janet Hodge Purchasing Coordinator 201
Nick Hughes Networking Technology Assistant 323
Dana Johnson Dean of Students 248
Angela King Assistant Director 235
Fred Kirby Auto Technology Instructor 359
Troy Madden Baking and Pastry Arts Instructor 328
Fredrick McCarthy Special Projects/Marketing Coordinator 200
Alissa Messina Cosmetology Instructor 337
Marilyn Monastero Administrative Assistant to Director 231
Harry Perry Facility Manager 268
Robert Porter Auto Technology Instructor 358
Constance Price Allied Health Instructor (610) 278-2061
Joseph Renzi Public Safety Instrutor 329
Mary Russo Bookkeeper 255
Seth Schram Director 244
Kathryn Slattery Reading Instructor 345
Mark Stout Auto Technology Instructional Assistant 360
Josh Taylor Coordinator of Technical Services 324
Matthew Tornetta Math Instructor 349
Jennifer Trachtenberg Guidance Councelor 242
Melissa Trocheck Landscape Design and Construction Instructor 335
Tracey Tupper Nurse 247
Melanie Wheeler Culinary Arts Instructor 367
Patti Williams Special Education Coordinator 205
Andrea Wilson Assistant to the Assistant Director, PIMS Reporting, and Child Accounting 236
Randy Winberg Maintenance 269