• Baking and Pastry Arts

    Course Description
    The Baking and Pastry Arts program is a continuation of the 1st year Culinary Arts/Baking and Restaurant Practices program. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate skills at our in-house bakery/ café while providing services to residents of the local community.  This program directly articulates with several two and four-year colleges and many graduates are employed locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.

    Course Content
    Students get hands-on experience in:  safety practices, sanitation practices, various baking techniques, planning, storage and receiving, and merchandising.

    Students participate in a hands on program that simulates the baking industry.  Students will prepare desserts, bread, pastries and other assorted baked goods that will be utilized in our student run café, the Culinary Arts restaurant and different catered events.

    Related Occupations
    Pastry Chef
    Line Cook
    Bakery Manager/Owner
    Banquet Chef

    Bread Maker
    Television Chef
    Food Wholesaler
    Food Stylist,
    Baking and Pastry Arts Educator