Health and Safety

At Central Montco Technical High School, the health and safety of our students and staff are a top priority.

Health Services: School Nurse

School Nurse: Mrs. Tracey Tupper


A full time registered nurse is available for students and staff to assist with emergencies, first aide treatment, health problems, safety, environment control and counseling. The nurse works closely with the home school nurses to provide continuity of health teaching and care for CMTHS students. 

Students are required to have the parent/guardian signed permission card to work on hazardous equipment. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to complete student health card, signature sheet and all other required documents during the summer on and on the Mandatory Student Orientation day before the first day of class. Copies will be located in the main office and online.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Student Safety

Security: Mr. Michael Bivins

Security: Ms. Karen Mabry


Student Parking

Student Drivers are required to have a CMTHS Parking Permit to drive and park on CMTHS Property. Stop by the Security Office to pick up an application.

Safety Equipment
In posted areas, all students, faculty members and visitors must wear clear, non­-colored lensed safety glasses. Other safety equipment such as face shields, respirators, helmets, gloves, shoes and other items must be worn when the activity calls for it. Instructors will explain this requirement in their lab.

Hazardous Chemical Training - Right to Know

Students are required to attend a mandatory school safety program that contains school safety topics including the state mandated "Right to Know" (hazardous chemical training). Click on this link to do a Material Safety Data Sheet Online Search.

Emergency Evacuation Drills
Periodic evacuation drills are a part of the school's on-going safety program.

Civil Defense Procedures
Emergency announcements will be made over the school's regular inter­communication system whenever the need arises. The school also has a telephone system that will command all communications channels.

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