ELD (English Language Development) Support

ELD Specialist: Katie MacLuckie

Email: kmacluckie@cmths.org

Any student who receives direct ELD services at their home district is entitled to ELD push-in support within their career and technical program at Central Montco Technical High School. This support includes differentiated class content and assessments based on student proficiency level and Spanish interpretation and translation support within the program curriculum. 


ELD support also extends to the families of our students by ensuring that there is an open line of communication between the school and home. Interpretation and translation in Spanish is available with our bilingual ELD Specialist for any parental/guardian questions or concerns and for communication home. 

Health Services

School Nurse: Mrs. Tracey Tupper

Email: ttupper@cmths.org


A full time registered nurse is available for students and staff to assist with emergencies, first aide treatment, health problems, safety, environment control and counseling. The nurse works closely with the home school nurses to provide continuity of health teaching and care for CMTHS students. 

Students are required to have the parent/guardian signed permission card to work on hazardous equipment. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to complete student health card, signature sheet and all other required documents during the summer on and on the Mandatory Student Orientation day before the first day of class. Copies will be located in the main office and online.

Math Support

Instructor: Mr. Matthew Tornetta

Email: mtornetta@cmths.org

Central Montco Technical High School requires that all first level 10th and 11th grade students take a math proficiency test to measure both basic and technical math skills.  Students who do not achieve a score of 70% or better are then placed in a one-year math class.  This class is held one day per week for 45 minutes and is scheduled by program.

All first level students’ progress is tracked throughout the year and they are given grade updates in the form of report card comments to communicate their progress.  Students receive these comments for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th marking periods.


The purpose of the class is to enhance student’s skills within their program and also to help with standardized testing such as NOCTI and Keystone Exams.  Through current program content, students are learning and reviewing many of the Pennsylvania state math standards which are emphasized on these standardized tests.  We cover a wide range of topics which include (but are not limited to) basic number theory, number forms, percentage calculations, fractions, ratios, proportions, standard and metric measurements, basic statistics, data analysis, graphs, basic geometry, conversions, and number systems.  Each of the named topics are made relevant to each program offered at CMTHS.  Students also have the opportunity to work on projects which allow them to study the business aspects of their programs.

Senior Seminar

Instructor: Ms. Kathy Slattery

Email: kslattery@cmths.org

Every Senior at CMTHS is required to attend Senior Seminar for a 45 minute session with their program each week. The overall goals of the Senior Seminar Program are to help prepare our graduates to enter the workforce with a job-ready portfolio and the skills necessary to secure and retain employment.

Seniors will...

  • Create a Professional Portfolio of their work at CMTHS which will include a career objective essay, resume, letters of reference, photographs and evidence of their work as well as awards and certificates.

  • Receive instruction in employment readiness skills such as filling out applications, job related forms, and how to prepare for and go on a job interview.

  • Participate in workshops identifying job readiness skills and basic employment concepts related to getting and keeping a job.

  • Create a budget and learn about personal finance including banks, taxes, credit cards, and renting their first apartment.


 Senior Seminar Website

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Student Services

If a student has a concern of any kind or needs advice on any matter, they will have no difficulty finding an experienced and caring staff at the Center willing to help them. Here are some of the major student services that the Central Montco Technical High School has to offer:


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