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Make food your life in the Culinary Arts Summer Program at CMTHS. You’ll not only build the core skills used by every chef; you’ll chart your own path toward a lifelong career doing what you love. Learn to prepare a wide variety of dishes and cuisines, and use state-of-the-art equipment—all in less than five days! You will get a hands-on experiential foundation in the culinary arts, including classic and contemporary cooking techniques. We will also discuss flavor and menu development, production cooking, and cuisines from around the world.


  • Learn how to develop flavor, explore classic and contemporary culinary techniques, create menus, and prepare global cuisines.
  • Study the ways successful culinary professionals manage restaurants, high-end catering, food trucks, and other food-related businesses.


This is a one-week program offered for 4 weeks. Each week of this program is the same curriculum; only sign up for one week.

Culinary Arts

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