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Culinary Arts & Restaurant Practices


Instructor: Melanie Wheeler


Instructor: Jarrett Young


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Course Description

CIP Code: 12.0508

Institutional Food Worker


This is an instructional program that prepares students for employment related to institutional, commercial or self-owned food establishments or other food industry occupations. Instruction and specialized learning experiences include theory, laboratory and work experience related to planning, selecting, preparing, and serving of quantity food and food products; nutritive values; use and care of commercial equipment; safety; and sanitation precautions. Instructional skills are provided to individuals desiring to become employed in all areas of the food service industry at entry level.


The Culinary Arts and Restaurant Practices Program offers a cutting-edge curriculum for all students interested in culinary arts, baking, service management and related fields to study in our state-of-the-art kitchen and restaurant.


Students have the opportunity to demonstrate skills at our in-house restaurant and catering program while providing services to residents of the local community.

Course Content

Topics of Study include:

  • Safety and Sanitation

  • The Food Industry

  • Purchasing, Receiving, and Storage

  • Cold Food Preparation (Garde Manger)

  • Knife Skills

  • Food Service Tools and Equipment

  • Standardized Recipes and Measurement

  • Nutrition

  • Breakfast Foods

  • Vegetables & Fruits

  • Pasta, Grains, and Potatoes

  • Seasoning and Flavoring

  • Stocks, Soups, and Sauces

  • Meats, Poultry, and Seafood

  • Baking and Pastry Skills

  • Menus

  • Back of the House Operations

  • Front of the House Operations

  • Food Service Information Technology

  • Hot Foods Preparation

Required Uniform & Materials

The CMTHS Required Culinary Arts Uniform can be ordered HERE.

  • Black Chef coat

  • Checkered Chef pants

  • Black Apron

  • Floppy Black Chef Hat

  • Black work shoes (oil resistant & water resistant)


  •  Digital or bi-metallic stem food thermometer

  • School Supplies: Black pens, black sharpies, highlighters, a large notebook, small pocket notebook, two pocket folder

Related Occupations

  • Executive Chef

  • Line Cook

  • Restaurant Manager/Owner

  • Banquet Chef

  • Caterer

  • Dietician

  • Television Chef

  • Food Wholesaler

  • Food Stylist

  • Culinary Arts Educator

  • Server/Hospitality

Potential Certifications

Students in the Culinary Ats Program may earn the following certifications:

  • NOCTI Culinary Arts Level 2 Cook

  • ServSafe Food Handler Certification - offered through Penn Technical College Dual Enrollment

  • S/P2 Workplace Safety

  • S/P2 Food Safety

Post-Secondary Education

Recent graduates from the Culinary Arts program are attending:

  • The Restaurant School

  • Johnson & Wales University

  • The Culinary Arts Institute of Montgomery County Community College

  • The Culinary Institute of America

  • North Hampton Communithy College

  • Pennsylvania College of Technology

Dual Enrollment with MCCC

The Culinary Arts Program is a Dual Enrollment Class with Montgomery County Community College (MCCC). MCCC has approved our instructor as an adjunct professor. As a result, students will receive transcripted college credit(s) that can be used to continue their post-secondary education at MCCC or any number of institutions. Students must earn a grade of "B"or higher to receive the credit(s).


Articulation Agreements are cooperative arrangements for granting admission and college credit to students who are continuing their education.  Central Montco Technical High School has articulated its programs with a wide range of colleges and technical schools resulting in college credit or priority placement for CMTHS students.

Click HERE and select Institutional Food Worker 12.0508 and your year of graduation to see what Articulation Agreements are available for this program of study.

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