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Teacher Academy

Instructor: Dr. Debora Broderick

Ed.D. Reading/Writing/Literacy

M.A. English, Secondary English Certification


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Course Description

High school seniors aspiring to be educators develop the skills to be 21st century ready in the college preparatory Teacher Academy program. The course consists of 7.5 hours/week divided between classroom instruction and internship experience with certified teachers at all grade levels, which results in approximately 180 hours of instruction and 90 hours of internship experience. The field experiences are with certified teachers at all grade levels.

This is a one-year program.

Admission Criteria:

  • Must have applied or intend to apply to a two or four-year college with the goal of earning a degree in education.

  • All required clearances must be attainable.

  • Must be in good academic standing to graduate.

  • Must complete the Teacher Academy (CMTHS) application.

  • Must have a counselor recommendation specifically to enter this program.

  • Must complete a preliminary interview screening with CMTHS staff.

Course Content

The Teacher Academy is a program for high school seniors interested in pursuing a career in the field of education.  In addition to earning 2 high school credits for the program, students have the option to potentially enroll in a dual enrollment and earn college credits. The Academy provides an introduction to the knowledge and skills required to work in the teaching profession in the 21st Century.  The Teacher Academy program addresses instruction in all subjects on all grade levels with particular attention devoted to:


• History and philosophy of education

• Legal and ethical issues in education

• Effective teachers and classrooms

• Meeting the needs of exceptional learners

• Integration of technology in the classroom

• Student diversity

• Teacher preparation and entering the profession

•  Developing a theory of practice

The course consists of 7.5 hours/week divided between classroom instruction and internships with certified, tenured teachers at all grade levels, resulting in approximately 160 hours of instruction and 95 hours of internship (field site) experience.  Student internships consist of 30+ hours in PreK-4 classrooms; 30+ hours in grades 4-8; and 30+ hours in a grade of their choice. Instruction is both teacher and student led; active individual and group participation are expected of each student. In addition, several guest speakers from the educational field will present throughout the year.  Students will also participate in relevant field trips.  As a culminating project, students complete a portfolio based on current college format and participate in an interview conducted by current and former administrators and human resources staff.

Related Occupations

  • Early Childhood Teacher

  • Elementary School Teacher

  • High School Teacher

  • Math Specialist

  • Reading Specialist

  • Paraeducator

  • School counselor

  • School psychologist

  • Special education teacher or supervisor

  • School principal or assistant principal

  • Teacher's Assistant

Post-Secondary Education

Recent Teacher Academy graduates are attending:

  • Penn State University

  • West Chester University

  • Millersville University

  • Bloomsburg University

  • Drexel University

  • Vilanova University

  • Cabrini University

  • Montgomery County Community College

Dual Enrollment

The Teacher Academy Program is a Dual Enrollment Class with Montgomery County Community College (MCCC). MCCC has approved our instructor, Dr. Debora Broderick, as an adjunct professor. As a result, students will receive transcripted college credit(s) that can be used to continue their post-secondary education at MCCC or any number of institutions. Students must earn a grade of "B"or higher to receive the credit(s). Teacher Academy students can earn credit at MCCC towards ENG 101 English Composition I.

The Teacher Academy Program also has a Dual Enrollment with Del Val University. The course is 3 credits and is called American Education. It is a foundational introduction to education courses.

Required Uniform & Materials

The CMTHS Required Teacher Academy Uniform can be ordered HERE:

  • At CMTHS:

    • Blue Teacher Academy Polo

  • On Internship Assignments:

    • Professional attire should be worn to all internship assignments.

    • Navy, grey, or black blazer; dress pants; skirts; button down shirts; blouses (no T-shirts); tie (men), dress shoes (no sneakers or open sandals)


Additional Requirements:

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