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Secondary Education Academy
Formerly known as Teacher Academy

Instructor: Dr. Debora Broderick

Ed.D. Reading/Writing/Literacy

M.A. English, Secondary English Certification


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Course Description

The SEA Program (formerly Teacher Academy) is open to juniors and seniors interested in teaching learners grades 4+. The newly expanded SEA Program provides high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to develop the skills and dispositions of successful teachers through exploring careers in education. Through internships in area schools with certified teachers, and dual enrollment college courses, students in the SEA will potentially complete between 3-6 internships and earn up to 6 college credits. This program is also appropriate for students interested in all subject areas, as well as Special Education and English Language Learning.


The Secondary Education Academy consists of classroom instruction and internship experience with professionals from the field. Students complete three seven-week internships and earn over 95 internship hours during each year in the program. Students who attend the program for two years will complete up to six internships. Students also may earn 6 college credits through our dual enrollment options.


This program is appropriate for students who intend to major in education with the aim of earning a post-secondary PA professional teaching certificate in one of the areas below. 




Internship Opportunities

Students are paired with certified educators in the following areas:

  • Upper Elementary

  • Middle School (all subjects)

  • High School (all subjects)

  • Special Education

  • Specials (Art, Music, Physical Education)

  • English Language Development (ELD/ESL programs)

  • School Counselor

Course Content

The SEA program provides an introduction to the knowledge and skills required to work in the teaching profession in the 21st Century. Course content includes the following.

  • Teacher preparation and entering the profession

  • Effective teachers and classrooms

  • History and philosophy of education

  • Meeting the needs of exceptional learners

  • Student diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging

  • Culturally relevant and sustaining education practices

  • Technology integration in the classroom

  • Arts integration across the curriculum

  • Legal and ethical issues in education

  • Developing a theory of practice

  • Educational research & writing

Post-Secondary Education

Recent Academy graduates are attending:

  • Penn State University

  • West Chester University

  • Millersville University

  • Bloomsburg University

  • Drexel University

  • Vilanova University

  • Cabrini University

  • Montgomery County Community College

Related Occupations

  • Elementary School Teacher

  • Middle School Teacher

  • High School Teacher

  • Math Specialist

  • Reading Specialist

  • School Counselor

  • School Psychologist

  • Special Education Teacher or Supervisor

  • School Principal or Assistant Principal

  • Paraeducator

  • Teacher's Assistan

Dual Enrollment

The Secondary Education Academy Program is a Dual Enrollment Class with Montgomery County Community College (MCCC). MCCC has approved our instructor, Dr. Debora Broderick, as an adjunct professor. As a result, students will receive transcripted college credit(s) that can be used to continue their post-secondary education at MCCC or any number of institutions. Students must earn a grade of "B"or higher to receive the credit(s).

  • ENG101: English Composition for Education Majors

    • Montgomery Community College (3 credits)

  • ED1010: Introduction to Education: Foundations of American Education

    • Delaware Valley University (3 credits)

Required Uniform & Materials

The CMTHS Required Teacher Academy Uniform can be ordered HERE:

  • At CMTHS:

    • Blue SEA Program polo shirt

  • On Internship Assignments:

    • Professional attire should be worn to all internship assignments.


Additional Requirements:

Potential Certifications

Students in the Secondary Education Academy may earn the following federal or state certifications:

  • Mandated Reporter Training

  • Educators Rising Micro-credentials

    • Anti-Bias Instruction

    • Classroom Culture

    • Formative Assessment

    • Learner Assessment


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