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Work-Based Studies

Coordinator of Work Based Studies: Ms. Amy DeLellis


     2023-2024 Co-Op and Internship Placements

Welcome to the CMTHS Work-Based  Studies Program.  On this page you will find all that you need to know if you'd like to do a Job Shadow, Internship, or Co-Operative Education Placement, as well as other helpful employment and transportation resources.


The purpose of Work-Based Studies is to allow observation and understanding of the procedures, requirements, and responsibilities of occupations in an actual workplace setting.

Work Based Studies Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone go on a Co-Op Placement?

A: No, there are 4 specific qualifications.

Q: How do I qualify for a Co-Op Placement?

A: To qualify for Co-Op Placement a student must have all 4 things below:

1. Have an attendance rate of 95% present or better.

2. Your GPA must be 85% or better.

3. No major disciplinary write-ups.

4. Eligibility - you must meet 1 of the following:

A. Level 3 Seniors: You must have completed 8 marking periods in the same program.

B. Level 2 Seniors and Juniors: You must have completed 6 marking periods in the same program.

     If you do not meet ALL of these 4 qualifications, you are not eligible to go on a Co-Op Placement.

Q. If I can't do a Co-Op Placement, what can I do to get more job experience?

A:  There are opportunities for Internships or Job Shadows. Take the Work-Based Studies Interest Survey and our WBS Coordinator (Mrs. DeLellis) will reach out to you within 48 hours.

Q: Do I find the job or does someone else?

A: While CMTHS may assist in finding placement opportunities for our students, ultimately, the responsibility is on the student to find a Co-Op job in their area of study.

Q: How do I get started applying for a Co-Op Placement?

A: The first thing you want to do is take the Work-Based Studies Interest Survey. The WBS Coordinator (Ms. DeLellis) will respond within 48 hours after you have submitted it.

Q: Then what happens?

A:  Then the WBS Coordinator (Ms. DeLellis) will get in touch with you and give you paperwork that must be filled out. From here, you can follow the checklist below to make sure all of your documents are completed. There are many people involved in this process and it may take some time for all of the information to be gathered. Thank you in advance for your patience.


Information for Students
Information for Employers and Mentors

WBS Resources:

SEPTA Information for CMTHS Students

Click HERE for a list of public transportation serving the CMTHS area.

Individual SEPTA Route Schedules:

   SEPTA Route 95                           SEPTA Route 98

   SEPTA Route 96                           SEPTA Route 99

   SEPTA Route 97

How to Obtain a Driver's Permit in PA:

2022-2023 Co-Op and
Internship Placements

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