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CMTHS Uniforms


Click Here to visit the CMTHS Uniform Website at Clemen's Uniform.


May 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

All CMTHS programs require students to wear the uniforms of their industry. Safety practices, sanitation, and/or state law, govern the type of clothing worn. Students are expected to act (and look) like the skilled technicians and professionals they are training to be. Uniforms may be purchased via the uniform link HERE.


Students will not be allowed to participate in program tasks unless they are in proper program attire.  Please plan on obtaining these uniforms now or over the summer to prepare for the August 29, 2022, first day of school.  If you are experiencing financial hardship, please complete this form.


Thank you.


Uniform Corrections and Returns:

Please fill out  this form before returning your student's uniform to the

Main Office for correction or refund.

Note: Uniform Pick up is on Thursdays.

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