NOCTI Testing at CMTHS

NOCTI is the leading provider of industry credentials and resources for career and technical education (CTE) programs across the nation. With over 50 years of experience, NOCTI is a pioneer in creating customized and standardized credentialing solutions and is a valuable partner in the CTE community’s efforts to improve America’s workforce. Our products and services have expanded beyond cutting-edge credentials to include classroom materials for credential preparation, tools for data usage, delivery of national certification exams, customized reporting, and professional development.


Some programs at CMTHS utilize clinical experiences during the class period to assist learning about the occupation and/or to develop certain skills. Instructors observe students during these sessions.

Spring 2022 NOCTI Online Testing Schedule:
Online 2022.png
  • Online testing is done during your regular AM or PM session over two days.
  • Students must bring their own CHARGED technology to take the test.
  • You will be given half of the questions on day 1 and the second half of the questions on day 2.(If the test has 250 questions, you will get 125 each day).
  • All students must take two days to take the test. Students who are on Co-Op will take it in one day.
  • If you are absent and miss a part of the test there are days for make up testing.
Spring 2022 Performance Testing Schedule:
Performance 2022.2.png
  • You will be here all day for your performance testing.
  • We will notify your home school that you will need to be here all day.  You will need to stay all day.
  • Please try your best to attend as for performance testing.
  • CMTHS will provide a boxed lunch for all students.
  • You may not leave the building for lunch or order food to be delivered.
Testing Study Guides/Blueprints

Blueprints outline the major topics that will be covered on the NOCTI tests. They also show what percent of the test each topic covers, as well as what duties you will be asked to perform for the performance test. Click on the button below with your program name on it to view the Blueprint for the NOCTI test you will be taking.