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Instructor: Ms. Kathy Slattery



Every Senior at CMTHS is required to attend Senior Seminar for a 45 minute session with their program every two weeks. The overall goals of the Senior Seminar Program are to help prepare our graduates to enter the workforce with a job-ready portfolio and the skills necessary to secure and retain employment.

Seniors will...

  • Create a Professional Portfolio of their work at CMTHS which will include a career objective essay, resume, letters of reference, photographs and evidence of their work as well as awards and certificates.

  • Receive instruction in employment readiness skills such as filling out applications, job related forms, and how to prepare for and go on a job interview.

  • Participate in workshops identifying job readiness skills and basic employment concepts related to getting and keeping a job.

  • Create a budget and learn about personal finance including banks, taxes, credit cards, and renting their first apartment.

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Senior Seminar

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