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Summer Career Experiences

  • All registrations are considered complete after payment is placed.

  • Cancellation Policy- CMTHS will provide a full refund on Summer Career Program Registration if the cancellation is placed 14 days in advance. Email to to cancel.

  • Lunch - Each Camper is responsible for packing their own lunch. (Cold Lunch)

Summer Career Experiences 2024


Automotive Technology -  Imagine you're a detective, but instead of solving mysteries, you're figuring out what's wrong with cars! In this fun program, you will learn how to use special tools and computers to find out why cars aren't working right. You will become an expert in fixing engines, making sure fuel flows smoothly, fixing electrical problems, keeping things cool, and making brakes work perfectly. It's like being a superhero for cars!


Cosmetology - In this program, you will become a master of style! You will earn the art of giving awesome haircuts and styling hair like a pro. Plus, you'll become skilled in manicures and pedicures, making nails look fabulous. Ever wonder how to give the perfect shampoo? You will learn that too! We'll also cover important topics like keeping the salon safe and making customers feel welcome with top-notch customer service. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of beauty and style!


Culinary Arts - Get ready to explore the delicious world of food! In this program, you will learn all about preparing and prepping tasty meals. Discover the secrets of nutrition and how to make sure your meals are not only yummy but also good for you. We will also cover important topics like keeping your kitchen safe and clean with sanitation precautions. Get ready to whip up some culinary delights while keeping things healthy and safe!


Landscape, Design, & Construction - In this program, you will dive into the amazing world d of plants and gardens! You'll learn all about horticulture, which is basically the science of growing and taking care of plants. From learning how to run a greenhouse and keeping plants healthy, to designing beautiful landscapes and managing nurseries, you will become a green-thumb expert. We will also explore turf management, which is like being the guardian of grassy areas. Get ready to dig in and discover the secrets of the plant kingdom!


Networking-  In this program, you'll become a tech wizard! You will learn all about networks, which are like highways for information to travel on. Discover how to design systems, keep them secure, and make sure everyone can talk to each other safely. From helping people with computer problems to keeping servers running smoothly, you'll become a master troubleshooter and optimizer. Get ready to unlock the secrets of the digital world!


Exercise & Sport Science - In this program, you will become a fitness superhero! You will learn how to design safe and effective exercise plans to help people stay healthy and strong. From creating personalized workouts to testing fitness levels, you will be like a coach helping everyone reach their fitness goals. Get ready to inspire others to lead active and healthy lives!

Summer Career Experience Code of Conduct 2024

It is the goal of CMTHS to provide a healthy, safe, secure environment for all camp participants. CMTHS teaches the core values of honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility. Students who attend the Summer Career Experience program are expected to follow the Code of Conduct below and to interact appropriately in a group setting.

  • We are all responsible for our actions.

  • We respect each other and our environment.

  • Honesty will be the basis for all relationships and interactions.

  • We will care for ourselves and those around us.

  • No use of profanity, offensive language or name-calling will be tolerated.

  • No physical aggression, e.g. hitting, kicking, pulling, fighting, spitting, etc.

  • Be enthusiastic, thoughtful, open-minded, and involved.

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.

  • Complete respect for all equipment, facilities and grounds is expected.


Disciplinary Procedures:

When a Summer Career Experience participant does not follow the Code of Conduct, we may take the following steps:

1. Staff will redirect the child to more appropriate behavior.

 2. The student will be reminded of the behavior guidelines and camp rules, and a discussion will take place.

 3. The Summer Career Experience Director will be notified of the problem and will meet with the student.

4. If the behavior persists, a parent will be notified of the problem.

5. If a problem persists and a child continues to disrupt the Summer Career Experience program, CMTHS reserves the right to suspend or remove the student from Summer Career Exploration. If this were to happen, CMTHS will not grant a credit or refund for any Summer Career Experience payments.

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