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Virtual Learning Hub

Welcome to the CMTHS Virtual Learning Hub. Here you will find resources to help with Virtual Learning.

For help with technology issues email

Central Montco Technical High School (CMTHS) students will receive specialized education through coursework designed to help them develop as a professional, expand their knowledge and skills related to their field of study and prepare them for the world of work and/or post-secondary education.  CMTHS students  Synchronous & Asynchronous expectations are as follows:


Students will… 

  • Participate in all synchronous (live online classes). 

  • Access and completed all asynchronous (independent) assignments.

  • Attend all scheduled cohort in-person days, if permitted.

  • Engage in and complete lessons/learning/assessments as directed by teachers. 

  • Ensure they set up a remote workspace and/or calendar to help manage their time. 

  • Contact teachers with questions about activities and assignments by email, phone, or during live office hours. 

  • Submit available assignments within the due dates. 

Virtual Learning Tutorials

Student Learning Management Systems

Central Montco Technical High School uses two online student management systems, Schoology and PowerSchool. Both of these online systems work together to bring our students a cohesive virtual learning experience.

Click on the Logos to access each site.

Contact CMTHS IT Help at for Technology Help

schoology Logo.png

CMTHS uses Schoology as our

Student Learning System.

This is where online learning will take place and where students will complete online assignments.

Click HERE for a tutorial on how to log in to Schoology

powerschool logo.png

CMTHS uses PowerSchool as our

Student Management System.

This is where students grades and records are managed.

Click HERE for a tutorial on how to log in to the PowerSchool Portal

schoology Logo.png

CMTHS  Schoology Instructions

CMTHS uses Schoology as our Student Learning System.

See the instructions below on how to create and log into your Schoology account. Instructions vary by sending school.

Instructions for ALL STUDENTS

Logging In to Schoology for the FIRST TIME

1. Students should go to

2. You need to choose an account to log in to Schoology with. You must use the CMTHS email that was assigned to you. Click on "Use Another Account" or "Add Account". Do NOT try to log in with your own G-Mail address.

3. Enter your CMTHS Schoology account information that you were emailed by your instructor. Returning and new students will have different formats, as well as each sending school has its own format. Just use what you were sent.

4. Students will navigate to the "Courses" tab and see their CMTHS course automatically populated. 

That's it! You're logged in to your Schoology Account!


If you attend Norristown or Upper Merion and you would like to link your Schoology Accounts

1. To link your CMTHS account and your sending school account, navigate to the Settings under your username in Schoology:

2. Navigate to the section towards the bottom labeled "Link Accounts".

3. Enter in the Schoology information from your sending school and click "Link Account".


If students are not able to log-in successfully, contact

login pic.jpg
account info pic.jpg
linking 2 pic.jpg
linking 1 pic.jpg
linking 3 pic.png
NHS Box.png
UMA Box.png
Schoology Instructons
Student Learning Mgt. Systems
First Time Schoology

CMTHS  PowerSchool Portal Instructions

CMTHS uses PowerSchool as our Student Management System.

See the instructions below on how to create and log into your PowerSchool account. Instructions vary by sending school.

powerschool logo.png

Watch the Video Explaining Power School Log In HERE

Power School Log in Tutorial PDF in English
Power School Log in Tutorial PDF in Spanish

Each student has received their username and temporary password to access their grades in PowerSchool.  Below are the directions for logging in.  Please review this process, so that both parents/guardians and students know the username and password.  If you are unable to access Powerschool, please contact our school counseling department by email at to request technical assistance.

1. Access CMTHS PowerSchool Portal

Click on this link to access the CMTHS PowerSchool Portal. You may use an internet browser such as Firefox or Chrome. This link is also located on the CMTHS website front page under "Quick Links".

2. Log in to the Student's Account

The first time you access PowerSchool, you will log in with the Username and Password you have been provided.

pp log in screen.png

3. Create a New Password

You will then be required to change the password on the account, which should be a password that both parent/guardians and the student can remember. Once the password is changed, CMTHS cannot see the password, but we can reset it if an approved guardian requests it.

NOTE: Please be sure that you are careful to follow the directions on creating a new password.

pp password req.png

4. Explore PowerSchool Portal

pp navigation.png

Now that you are logged into the student's PowerSchool account, take a few minutes to explore the available features in the left hand menu.

PowerSchool Directions
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